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At Brentwood Fine Wines, we go with the flow and live with the (wine) glass half full.


drink. learn. mingle.

Life’s too short for wine runs to the mini-mart. Brentwood Fine Wines exists to shake up the routine and slow down the pace. Whether you’re scrolling through our online shop or visiting us in person, the idea is to peruse and learn. And, as a member of our club, we take the time to learn your tastes and find you the perfect bottle to celebrate, savor, or share. 

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Wine shops of the past were built around community, connection, and culture. They were places along your daily commute where you could stop in for a glass and a chat. Brentwood Fine Wines takes the romance of vintage wine shops and mixes it with the needs of modern-day wine lovers. We’ve created a digital wine platform that’s as robust as our in-person experiences and brought together experts in the industry to pair our customers with the perfect bottle––no matter their tastes or price point. 

Brentwood Fine Wines exists for the anticipation of that first pour. Here, we invite you to gather, unwind, and explore. Whether your palate is developed for the rarest of vintages or you’re a novice ready to learn, our stock is expertly curated and our experts knowledgeable. And if you’re more of a beer person or fancy a stiffer pour, we have that, too. No matter your preference, we’re all in the pursuit of happiness.