We’re redefining the wine shop–one bottle, sip, and click at a time. All in the poursuit of happiness. 

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It began with a love for wine — doesn’t it always? Frequenting wine shops throughout California and the world, we learned a thing or two (and consumed our fair share of glasses). We learned which wines could coax out our dancing shoes on the weekend and which ones were the perfect wind-down to a busy schedule. We learned about grape varietals, flavor profiles, and that back-of-the-nose taste that precedes the perfect sip. So, what’d we do with this love of wine? We decided to open up a quality wine shop right in our neighborhood. When you’re here, you’re part of our community of wine lovers, experts, and novices in pursuit of the perfect pour. Brentwood Fine Wines is a place to gather, laugh, learn, and enjoy a glass-half-full point of view. 


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